Linux is Here, the Vodafone 360 H1

Vodafone 360 H1Linux Mobile is one of the underdogs of mobile operating systems. Playing practically the same role they have with desktop computers, Linux systems tend to play more towards function and practicality over style and form. This is usually compensated by skinning and other customization options. With mobile phones, their position is a little more accepted than with computers. Since mobile applications are easily ported to other platforms, the Linux mobile operating system does not share the same problem as Linux based computers; direct compatibility with a lot of programs.

AMOLED and More

The Vodafone 360 H1 sports an AMOLED touch screen display, promising some serious graphic quality to its users. The screen itself is 3.5 inches and displays up to 16 million colors. This is complemented by the 5 mega pixel camera, so you can really take some high resolution images and view them instantly. Naturally, this mobile phone will also take good quality video. The whole set feels like a multimedia device and that is a great thing, hopefully, the audio hardware will be a good match for the awesome screen.

The External View

The device itself has an amazing external body. The face of the mobile phone is smartly designed, with the wide touch screen taking up a majority of the space. The screen is recessed slightly creating that Palm-type feel. The controls below the screen are nudged in nicely and are easy to reach with your thumb.

Packing Heat

Vodafone also gifted the 360 H1 with a whooping 16GB of internal memory. Forget expanding, the initial memory alone will store over 20 hours of excellent quality video files. Connectivity is mainly Wi-Fi and HSDPA, though we would really appreciate to see EDGE there as well. As per the name, this mobile phone naturally carries the Vodafone 360 service. You will also get GPS support too, thanks to the large screen; you can probably use the GPS function while driving.

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